These were two of the greatest games of all time.  Everyone loved them.  I love them.  Let's be honest with ourselves though ... some of these things just dont make sense.

1. Your rival is super creepy.


Gone are the days of friendly competition between neighbors. This guy is stalking the Professor's laboratory from day one of your journey. Gary was a rival. This dude is an enemy. He broke into the lab and stole an incredibly rare Pokemon! You don't even try and stop him.  You just beat him and go on your way, not even attempting to return that rare stolen Pokemon back to the Professor, its rightful owner!  How is he allowed to get away with this!  There's cops in Johto -- arrest him!


2. Kurt's "Pokeballs"


You're encouraged in the game to use Pokeballs made by a man in his cabin in a small forrest town.  You're using Pokeballs made from stuff you pull off trees to capture Pokemon, arguably the most important task in your life. You wouldn't use a condom someone just gave you and told you they made out of berries and apricots. Are you really going to trust these things? Or are you going to make the trip to the Poke Mart first and get some Pokeballs you can actually rely on?


3. Is Whitney fit for duty?


Whitney is the gym leader in Goldenrod City, the largest city in Johto.  After you come through town and beat her to receive the Plain Badge, she immediately breaks down crying. Apparently, she cries so much that another junior trainer in the gym approaches you to tell you, "She'll stop soon.  She does this every time she loses." Whitney is a gym leader. She should be able to handle loss in her career. That's just how it works. Show a little professionalism.


4. Sudowoodo: Freak of PokeScience


Sudowoodo is the strangest thing to come out of this game.  By definition, it's a pile of rocks that looks like a tree that you need to spray with a squirt gun to get it to leave.  What part of that makes any sense?  Why do I need a water gun for this when I have a Feraligator in my pocket ready to go with Hydro Pump?  Plus it sits there in the middle of a road like a tree.  By now, I've cut down a bunch of trees without even thinking about it. What's stopping my Charizard from cutting right through him?

(Who are we kidding ... you would never waste Charizard teaching it Cut.)


5. Lake of Rage

When you arrive at Lake of Rage, also known as GyaradosLake, the people are in an uproar.  They've noticed that the radio frequency has been upsetting the Gyarados, and they've been scaring people swimming in the lake. Now I'm as against Team Rocket as anybody but in this situation it's important to ask ourselves one question.  Who willingly goes swimming in a place called Gyarados Lake?