You know that you really screwed up this year if you buy a PlayStation 4 and get a big 'ol box of rocks instead. That's exactly what happened to unlucky Denver resident Igor Baksht (no, I didn't make that name up) who purchased a PS4 bundle from Walmart as a gift for his 13-year-old niece. 

Source: viralvidz

Igor bought the PS4 bundle and decided to check out the contents before wrapping it -- probably because a box of rocks weighs a lot more than a game console -- that's when he stumbled upon the gamer's nightmare

"Just to make sure everything was inside, that all the contents were inside, all the games were inside," said Baksht. "When I opened it, I said, 'Oh my God.'

He found two bags of rocks wrapped up like the cop drama version of rectangular kilos of drugs.

"I couldn't go back because they already were closed," said Baksht.

Damn, that's rough. Surely, Walmart, a company known for their good reputation and upstanding treatment of employees and customers immediately came to the rescue and honored the purchase with a legit PS4, though, right? Well, only after getting the runaround and multiple failed attempts to talk to a manager. Let this be a lesson, kids, don't buy PS4s that you see in the Home&Garden section of Walmart. 

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