"I would murder a baby for them... And a homeless person."

That's just a brief snippet of the adoring -- and very much slurred -- words spoken about engaged couple Hannah Datz and Sam Scavuzzo by their friends recounting how the two met. Instead of going the typical boring route of posting a story about how they met on theKnot.com, like 99.9% of engaged couples, they chose to get their friends shitfaced and film their own romantic version of Drunk History

I'm still not entirely certain how they met, but I know a party was involved and lots and lots of vodka. Here's just a few of the romantic gems their friends had to share. Congrats you crazy kids. 

"By the end of this night I'm gonna get what I want... and it's a whole lotta Sam."

"I love Hannah and Sam's relationship, it's one of my favorites. I'm gonna throw up (goes off to puke)."

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