Glitter bombs > real bombs... that's what's up, people. Yes, for a little cash you can get sweet glittery revenge on that teacher who flunked you in 7th grade biology or that girl who laughed at your penis before you were about to have sex. Mail it to their work if you want and then laugh to yourself at the thought of them looking like they just dry humped Tinkerbell.  

The Australian-based company is called ShipYourEnemiesGlitter and for just $10 ($8 American) will do your dirty deeds. 


I as far as I can tell, this isn't some elaborate April Fool's prank come three months early, but is a real company that will take your money and send your enemies an envelope that explodes with glitter when they open it. It'll be like Ke$ha spontaneously combusted all over them. And because its anonymous, they'll never know that you're the reason that they're still finding that sparkly shit on their clothes three weeks later. 

It's without a doubt, the most diabolical thing one can legally do with glitter. 

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