Comedy Central just announced that their next celebrity roast is going to be Justin Bieber. Justin and Comedy Central had supposedly discussed a roast before, but the network felt he just hadn't done enough idiotic things yet to earn televised ego bashing. 

But Justin's, like, 20 now and steadily been building a surplus of idiotic moments over the past few years to make sure that Seth MacFarlane has enough ammo to work with. While I'm sure the roasting comedians will have NO problem finding enough material to launch a full verbal beat-down, here's a brief sampling of Bieber moments that should probably be addressed at the roast. 

1. False dong-size advertising. 


Source: breathheavy 


2. 2013: Justin pees in a mop bucket. 


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3. 2013: Justin greets his fans in Toronto with a loogie. What do you think of your god now, Beliebers?!

4. 2014: Crashes an ATV into a minivan then gets into an altercation with the van's owner and is arrested on charges of assault. 


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