Most of us have heard of and accepted the idea of the Fleshlight by now. It's a fleshy apparatus men use for pleasure, ok, cool. Kinda weird, but we're past that now.

Well, the Fleshlight will forever be considered tame after what the people at Sin Boutique just created. You ready?



That's right. These 'Vajankles' as they're calling them, are marketed at those with a foot fetish. Now, I'm not a guy with a foot fetish, but is this what they're into? The idea of literally having sex with the innards of a foot? And it having a vagina? (Foot fetishists, please respond in the comment section, I'm genuinely curious.)

And for those wondering if they're available with different toenail colors? Well, one, why is that your first concern? And two, yes, they're available in both french manicure and cherry nail polish.

Also, they're a steep $179 dollars, so really, they're half sex-toy, half investment. But with over a dozen different foot colorings to choose from, how can you say no? 

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