Product design for men 101: only use the colors red and black, make everything smell like dirt, treat women with contempt.


1. Dr. Pepper Ten

Ladies' delicate taste buds can't handle these bold flavors!  (via thisismylawn)


2.  Sunscreen FOR MENundefined

For when you're ready to FIGHT THE SUN WITH YOUR SKIN (via thesocietypages)


3. Kleenex for Men  undefined

HE'S NOT CRYING, HE'S SWEATING FROM HIS EYES (via fashionfreestyler)


4.  Powerful Yogurtundefined

More like BRO-gurt, amirite guys? (via hlntv)


5. MANGLAZE undefined

It doesn't chip when you're CHOPPING WOOD AND HAULIN LOGS. (via manglaze)


6. The Bronut


When a circle of sugar and fat is just too feminine. (via misandry-mermaid)


7. Bounce For Men undefined

Never let your clothes smell like anything other than sweat and grass! (via bouncefresh)


8. Mandles undefined

Make your home smell of nature and animal flesh. (via mandles)


9. Pepsodent White Now MENundefined 

Your bros won't make fun of your teeth whitening if it's for MEN (via unnecessarilygenderedproducts)


10. Nivea for Men undefined

Keeps your lips rough like you fought a tornado (via walmart)


11.  Eye Shadow Palatte undefined

Ok, this one is a joke. But it's only a matter of time. (via crybabyofficial)

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