Women on Tinder are innundated with every generic pick-up line under the sun, so often it is difficult for well-meaning men to stand out.


The old classics, "Hey did it hurt when you fall from heaven?" are stale and crusty. No respectable woman would ever respond to such tripe. Its time to welcome the next generation of quirky pick-up lines to the world.


Try out one of these pick-up lines for yourself and stand out on Tinder. She will definitely respond, I can promise that much.




This shows her you are slightly troubled - but willing to talk about it. Girls dig guys who regularly attend therapy.




After two brilliant geological puns "Sarah, 25" will definitely think you are pretty gneiss. She won't take you for granite.





Everyone has an "Uncle Gary" in their life. This pick-up line highlights the intrinsic sameness in all of us.






"Jessica, 27" will wonder, "Is he referencing the 1987 Belinda Carlisle pop classic? Or the equally classic sitcom starring Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser? Either way its a political statement everyone I agree with. I should probably grab bubble tea with him some day soon!"

This pick-up line will be a hit in both red and blue states!




!t this point she will either turn around and realize you are cleverly joking or block you forever. Either way you both have a cool memory! Also its just a fun fact about the carotid artery - like a 2-for-1 Tinder pick-up line AND Snapple cap fact.





Puns are this year's most popular over-the-counter aphrodisiac. And this is the best pun ever written.




If she doesn't like Harry Potter is she really worth pursuing?

Another popular Harry Potter option is, "Hey girl, are you a thestral? Because you must be invisible to everyone else, otherwise you wouldn't be single. Also I've seen much death."




90's nostalgia is at an all-time high. Why not cash in on that fad with a delightful twist on an old classic?




These days everyone loves Neil DeGrasse Tyson and his hip, accessible brand of science. Now she will confuse you with Mr. Tyson himself and date you before you can say 'Higgs-Boson Particle.'





To be honest, this line will probably just creep her out. Save this one for girls who already stopped responding months ago.






This one is just plain cute. You are comparing her to the most powerful empire in world history. If she's not smitten by this one, she never will be.

A splendid follow-up is, "Hey girl, are you the small, mountainous country of Andorra? Because your beautiful and not enough people know about you. Also you look vaguely Spanish."




Now she might think you are a medical student. Chicks love medical students. Even though you probably aren't because medical students don't need Tinder to find love.

Regardless, she will still be momentarily intrigued. For best results, pair with the carotid artery pick-up line.




Quite possibly the perfect pick-up line. Carefully researched, poignant, and motivational. Almost certainly she will ignore it, block you and cry for weeks.


BUT, five years later, after she has kicked that nasty ecstasy habit and becomes the CEO of Best Buy she will remember you.