It's Oscar weekend, which means that all of Hollywood will be in full party mode. Especially Oscar, who has already been spotted snorting a line of blow on Hollywood Boulevard. Because that's the stuff dreams are made of in Tinseltown, baby!

The life-sized gold statue is by an artist who goes by Plastic Jesus, and depicts the Academy Awards statue on all fours sucking up two lines of nose candy on a red carpet. The artist told the LAist that his intention is to bring awareness to Hollywood's "hidden problem" of drug addiction. I'm not really sure how it's a hidden problem, since TMZ's sole existence is covering who's using drugs, who's getting busted with drugs, and who's going to rehab for drugs. 

And you know that the Academy is gonna be pissed about this, but I think we can all agree it would suck to lose another Philip Seymour-Hoffman.


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