In terms of holy-shit-that-has-to-be-photoshopped nature images, this one pretty much takes the cake. EXCEPT it's not Photoshopped at all. Just a bad-ass weasel riding a woodpecker through the air like that giant flying dog from The Neverending Story.

The photo tweeted out Monday by Jason Ward was taken by London photographer Martin Le-May. It's likely that the weasel wasn't trying to ride the woodpecker -- though, that IS how he'll be remembered -- but was instead trying to eat the bird, as weasels are notorious nest robbers. The problem is, when you try to eat a flying animal larger than yourself, things tend to backfire. 

Eventually, the woodpecker landed and the two began struggling before the weasel noticed the photographer, giving the woodpecker a chance to escape. 

Just look at this rodeo star, riding that woodpecker like the woodland creature bad-ass that he is. 


Unfortunately, bearsharktopus is still just Photoshop fantasy. 


Source: knowyourmeme

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