To use these breathtaking bathrooms should be on everyone's bucket list. 



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A beautiful mountian toilet, perfect for contemplating the big issues in life. 



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A tropical paradise of a toilet, one that would make Poseidon proud. 



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Stand tall, go to the bathroom, and visualize your success. From this bathroom, it is all possible. You are the boss. 



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Do you business and gaze upon the poor masses who must go to the bathroom so much closer to the ground. Not you, you are way up high. 



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Pretend you are Yogi the Bear, loving and living in nature on this beautifully placed toilet. 



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Rest easy. You are going to the bathroom in a beatiful, spacious area. There is no one around you. Take it all in, let it all out. 



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You are the woodland master. Do you business in peace. 



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Let the fog wash over you at this beautiful bathroom. 



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Careful on this rare, beatiful bathroom. Don't get too crazy in there!



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Observe the beautiful and expansive land Mother Nature has provided. And take a dump. 



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You are the ruler of the Ocean, ruling from you throne, amongst the fish and cliffs.



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Observe the beautiful ocean and the ships destined to traverse it. And use the toilet. 



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Uh oh. 


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