It's been 14 years since Ben Stiller brought the fashion world to its knees with the introduction of Derek Zoolander, and it looks like he'll once again be rocking the blue steel look. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson crashed Paris Fashion Week last night in full Hansel and Derek gear to announce the long-awaited sequel to 2001's Zoolander. 



Ben Stiller has been talking about doing a sequel since at least 2008, but has had to put the project aside to work on other films. Will Ferrell mentioned in 2014, that he had seen the script and looked over his part of Mugatu, but that was the last anybody heard of the project until recently. Paramount has said they expect to release the movie in February of 2016. 




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Obviously, this is cause for a celebratory gasoline fight. Now, somebody get me a frappuccino and crank up the George Michael. 

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