Sometimes you're hungry, and sometimes you're REALLY hungry and SOMETIMES you're REALLY REALLY hunry but this food will still be too much. 



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A 230 lb. peanut butter cup. The guy with the bucket hat in the back watches on longlingly, waiting for a chance to fill his bucket hat with some of the big pb cup. 



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An 868 lb. bagel. It was supposed to be covered in cream cheese, but Jerry left the cream cheese out and ruined the entire event. Thanks, Jerry, this was for the kids.


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An enourmous chocolate bar. It looks tasty, does it not? You can't have any until you finish your enourmous pizza...



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This is one big pizza! The guy in front ended up eating the entire thing by himself. He kept making eye contact like that to everyone who wanted to eat some, and when he did that no one else wanted to eat some. 



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One of the world's biggest salads. Upon seeing it, people were impressed, though they had more fun at the normal sized fried chicken booth on the other side of the room. 




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That is one tasty burger! Weighing in at 590 lbs. this mountain of meat inspired many people to say, "You know what, I should make all my portions much bigger and eat many more bigger burgers. It's good and fun!"