If you think that Chucky the doll from Child's Play was a creep show, then just wait until you meet Hello Barbie. Sure, Chucky was possessed by the soul of a killer, but Mattel's new Barbie doll is an eavesdropping spy. A dirty, blonde-haired, pink convertible-driving spy. 

The yet to be released Barbie doll will record what the child playing with it says and then send the info back to Mattel. What Mattel plans to do with that info is anybody's guess. Make Barbies to the specifications of a 6-year-old? Sell the info to Isis so they can devise a plan to brainwash America's kids? Eh, I don't know. 

Mattel says that their committed to safety and security and the wi-fi connected Barbie meets government privacy standards. Riiiiight. Whatever you say, Mattel.  

Have we learned nothing from Funzo? 

Source: lundy4137

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