It's food! It's art! It's...creepy and unapetizing. 



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My hot dog has hands and legs and wings and I guess is a fairy...thanks so much...



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Great, yeah, can't wait to eat your raddish ants on top of their home, just what I always wanted my food to look like. 



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Hey, is there anyway you can make these bananas look like scared little people so when I eat them it's like I am killing people?



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Oh great, this unpeeled lobster carrot looks really appetizing and not really creepy. Can't wait to get my lips around one of those nice knotty and lumpy claws. 



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This is great, just make the fruits look like sexy lil butts in lingerie and people can bite into em and get full and horny at the same time, hell yeah this baby shower is gonna be a hit!



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Ha awesome, "finger food," can't wait to try it! The fingernails look so tasty!



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Look at these cute eggs! The chicks are not dead and they are actually peeking out of the egg! Eat em up quick before they get out, yum yum!



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Hey everyone, welcome to the party, I carved all of your faces into these potatoes! Eat em up!



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Check out my Dad's face- it's food now!



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