The Guinness Book of World Records is great and all except for one thing. Book. It's a book. And not made up entirely of GIFs. Until that day comes, this gallery will have to hold you over.


1. Hardest Recorded (Unprotected) Groin Kick

100-g's worth of force.

Some people will do anything for a record. Anything.



2. Highest Blob Launch

56 feet.

Bitter-sweet record for the guy who provided the launching weight.




3. Largest Amount of Dogs on One Jumprope

13 dogs.

Also the world record for most re-watchable gif.



4. Most Balloons Popped With One Laser

100 balloons.

We've officially run out of things to do with lasers.



5. Longest Paper Airplane Throw

226 feet, 10 inches.

Take THAT, boring homework assignment.