3D designer Pierre Cerveau undertook an interesting exercise recently, imagining if the iPhone were introduced 20 years earlier than it actually was. Going off the matte beige plastic casing early Apple products were known for, Cerveau came up with this impressive concept design for an alternate universe "Generation 1" iPhone. It looks like something out of Back To The Future II's version of 2015 (seriously, where's our hoverboards?).


Gordon Gekko would have killed to own one of these. The design comes complete with a rotary dial, an even more burdensome & busy version of that infamous first-gen iPod wheel (already 14 years old).

Cerveau even designed a throwback ad to go with the product, with the typeface to match throwback Apple magazine spots.


Some version of this would make a perfect contemporary iPhone case. Just snap that back panel on your iPhone 6 and make your most nostalgia-crazed buddies jealous.


[h/t Gizmodo]