It's been a little while since we've seen Stephen Colbert's beautiful face and in that time he's been rocking a sweet-looking beard, or Colbeard as he's dubbed it. Times are changing though and Stephen can no longer rely on loved ones to tell him when he has cheese stuck in it, so it must go. Plus, he's taking over The Late Show, but mostly it's the cheese. 

As part of Stephen's facial hair cleansing he's decided the document the process and graced the internet with its first video from the new show. 

And for all you bearded dudes, Stephen has a few tips for when you decide to take that clean facial hair-free plunge. 

First, make sure there's no way you can be confused with Hitler. 


Millennials love the Amish???


A half-Wolverine will help you connect with comic lovers, but allows you to pull off a professional business look too. 


Now eat it so that you may absorb your beard's strength.