Old-timey people really did not give a sh*t about animal rights or their own safety. They had bigger things to worry about, like polio and creating institutional racism.



1. F*cking rush hour, man.

bear bumper cars

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2. Choose Your Own Adventure: Cute bird wake up call, or the Angel of Death coming to claim another lost soul?crow wake up call

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3. Choose Your Own Adventure: Woah, look at those lion cubs, or HOLY SH*T that kid is the real Angel of Death look at his freaking EYES they follow me around the room like a demon Mona Lisa f*ck f*ck f*ck

scary boy with lions

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4. Beats the hell out of your family photo where you're all barefoot at the beach.

girls with rhinos

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5. Ugh Marcia, take it down a notch. Get a personality or something.

girl with lobster

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