Splitting with your partner and deciding who gets what is an often stressful and at times pathetic experience. A bitter boyfriend in Germany avoided the whole No-that's-MY-Men-in-Black-DVD argument the most fair -- albeit stupid -- way possible: by chopping all their shit in half


The spurned boyfriend sent his ex one half of all the items that they had bought together or he had bought her, and the other half he placed on eBay. Unfortunately, people don't have much use for half of a car and it's going for a whopping  £2. 

As an added bonus of crazy, the guy also made a YouTube video of him slicing all their shit in half titled "For Laura" with the appropriate caption "Thank you for 12 'beautiful' years Laura !!!!! you've really earned half. " Ouch.

The guy is single, but be forewarned, ladies, he doesn't handle breakups well. 


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Source: derjuli