10 Solid AttentionGrabbing Item To Kick The List Off Right

Let's get this list started with a really solid thing everyone likes! It grabs your attention and makes sure you're not TOO mad right off the bat, so you keep reading. Also we can use this as the cool grabby image for Facebook. Everybody wins.


a really recent thing that we want to recognize but not put too high

At #9 we have a thing that came out very recently, and even though it's obviously great, we can't rate anything too recent TOO highly, because it'll undermine the 'officialness' of the list, plus we won't really know its legacy for a few years to come. Nine is a nice safe spot for this.


whoa, a really avantgarde choice here underrated though, go check it out

This thing made the list?? Most people aren't familiar with this thing, but seriously, it's underrated -- go back and check it out! Now we've proven our officialness with a really outside-the-box choice to prove that we've put more thought into this than you have, and now you feel inadequate because you aren't familiar with every item on this list. And if you ARE familiar with this thing, now you have an excuse to brag about that in the comments.


Top Ten List 7

Wow. When you clicked on this list, you really expected this one to be in the Top 3, but it's not, for a very particular reason that we'll go on to argue.


very intriguing choice here to make sure you click to the next page

We have a page break coming up so we want to make sure this one's really intriguing to make sure you click to the next page. Maybe something sexy, with boobs in it, but the boobs are JUST out of frame. Then you'll click to the next page being like, "I wonder if the rest of the boobs are over here!" They are not. Frankly we can't really show pictures of boobs and I think we both knew that, but you clicked anyway. Anyway, sorry for the trick, but we really wanted you to read the rest of the list.