Whats your friend Raymonds deal becomes: Raymond Leonard Raymond Leonard single Raymond Leonard gay Raymond Leonard emotional baggage Raymond Leonard weird relationship history Raymond Leonard exes Raymond Leonard job Raymond Leonard criminal record Raymond Leonard weird sex stuff Raymond Leonard commitment Raymond Leonard free Friday


Im looking for a job How do you like TechCorp becomes: TechCorp TechCorp salary TechCorp lawsuit TechCorp bankrupt TechCorp crazy CEO TechCorp boring TechCorp vacation days TechCorp career stepping stone to bigger opportunity



Sup becomes: You You your first name You how I know you You where I met you You college You work You high school You do I even know you at all


You seem weird Is something wrong becomes: You You mad You mad at me You what did I do You taking joke personally You being overly sensitive You reading too much into things You lacking sense of humor You mountain molehill Me am I really a jerk You at fault or me at fault Me at fault Dealing with news that its me at fault How to be friend How to be good person How to apologize Flower delivery


What should we do tonight becomes: Us Us activity tonight Us doing same thing we always do Us not go out Us stay in Us watch TV Us get wine drunk Us make snacks Us microwave nachos Us go to sleep early Us avoid meeting new people