Super Skinny The punk rock industry is being kept alive by this dude, in his originally black denims that are now a ghostly offgray color, matched with tears in the knees Often mistaken for an approaching janitor, you can hear the jangling of his keys swaying from a rockclimbing clip attached to his belt loop, because its scientifically impossible to fit keys into his pockets

Relaxed Dad with a beerbelly living in the Midwest who loves those commercials featuring retired NFL quarterbacks These dads just wish their kid could someday be an NFL quarterback too Everybody doubted these dads when they were a kid, and if their coach just wouldve put them in the game, they couldve made all the difference at State back in the day Thankfully their kids wont have to live through that misery of doubt for the rest of their life, because dad just bought some oversized jeans from Brett Favre Youre welcome son, youre welcome