Let's not kid ourselves, farts are immature and childish. But dammit are they funny, and if you disagree you should probably just stop right there and close out this window. 

Now, for those of you who are still around... Jason Selvig is an inventive person, a musical person, a person who takes the NYC subway and enjoys fart noises. Naturally, Jason wants to combine his love of fart noises with his city's public transportation system. His proposal is for the MTA to change all the turnstiles to make a fart noise after somebody swipes their metro card. As Jason puts it, "the MTA has over $34.1 Billion in debt. We want to know, what would another $100 million or so really matter?"

It just makes so much sense, the subway ALREADY smells like a fart, so shouldn't it sound like a fart too?!