Gather 'round lovers of microwaved pancakes and soggy egg McMuffins, Ronald McDonald is breaking the chains and making Mickey D's breakfast an all day affair!


Listen, I know that we mentioned McDonald's serving breakfast 24/7 as a possibility before, but this time it's for REAL. Yup, lukewarm hash browns at 4pm are headed your way. 

So, just what exactly does this mean for McDonald's role in your life?

Well, it of course means that you'll be able to enjoy an Egg McMuffin for dessert after eating a Big Mac. 

The BEST part about McDonald's all day breakfast menu, though? You'll no longer be turned away like some sort of heathen for requesting a McGriddle after 10:30 in the morning. 

So rejoice, average tasting pancakes and biscuits prepared by underpaid workers can now be yours for the taking any time of day you wish!