The excitement from McDonald's all day breakfast announcement hasn't even died down yet and there's already NEW shitty fast food to talk about. 

Like chicken tenders? Like tacos? Welp, good news, because the mad scientists at Taco Bell have said "Fuck regular taco shells, we're using chicken now!" Introducing your next drunken bad decision: the Naked Crispy Chicken Taco.


They've already experimented with waffle tacos, and Doritos tacos, so obviously the next step was to turn a flimsy chicken breast into a taco shell. Hey, if KFC can do it with their Double Down, then  of course the reputable food fusion connoisseurs at Taco Bell were going to do it. 

So far it looks like only a couple of restaurants in California are tempting the fast food gods with the new creation, but it's only a matter of time before it infects your local Bell. 

The item is only $2.99 which seems like a more than fair price for a piece of chicken that looks like it was stuck to the bottom of somebody's shoe and then dropped in the deep fryer. 


Source: fadhadinc

Yeah, your body is probably going to turn against you after eating this.