Vomiting is awful, so why not add some zazz to other people doing it by admiring their more impressive efforts? Credit where credit's due, right?! Here are twelve gifs of projectile vomiting that will actually impress you.

1. She miraculously manages to spare everyone else on the roller coaster!

Roller Coaster vomit

via: Vade46


2. He did well to take in all that milk in the first place!

Milk vomit

via: gatawaya


3. Look at the force behind that!

Powerful vomit

via: wiffles


4. That's an impressive stream!

Long vomit

via: Vomiting Gif Tumblr


5. He hits the cake AND two girls! Well done, young man!

Birthday vomit

via: wiffles


6. This little guy just carries on walking!

Baby walking vomit

via: ForGifs