1. Stay Puft Marshmallows (Ghostbusters)


The Ghostbusters' universe equivalent of 9/11

Man, kinda hard to imagine anyone going out and buying a bag of Stay-Puft after the events of Ghostbusters. Like, that was a supernatural disaster on the scale of 9/11, except if 9/11 were committed by a horrifying enormous science-defying food mascot. Like, you wouldn't buy Al-Qaeda brand marshmallows after 9/11, right? Right.

And it wasn't Stay-Puft's fault at all! Just cuz Dan Aykroyd couldn't manage to keep his mind blank for like 3 minutes, a marshmallow company will forever be associated with a Godzilla-level event happening in NYC.


2. Trask Industries (X-Men: Days of Future Past)


"If you think about it, the guy trying to protect everyone from the people who can control your mind and drop stadiums on the White House is the REAL enemy."

Here's the deal - the Sentinels were pretty well-made (it's not like Bolivar Trask could have known he'd have to build them without using ANY metal, given Magneto was imprisoned at the time of their creation), and by the end of the film, it's clear that they WERE necessary. Mutants are DANGEROUS AS HELL. Just because Mystique doesn't shoot Bolivar Trask and/or Nixon in the face doesn't disprove anything - Magneto just dropped a FUCKING STADIUM around the White House and took control of the Sentinels and oh yeah there's Charles Xavier, the guy who can control anyone's mind whenever he feels like it.

Trask Industries did good, quality work, and got ruined forever by those meddling mutants. Sure, in the future, they would have EVENTUALLY become evil, but it's not really fair to punish a company BEFORE they do anything wrong.


3. Museums With Dinosaur Fossils (Jurassic World)


Astronaut Ice Cream sales have been plummeting for years - and now THIS?

Regular zoos probably fell out of favor BIGTIME when a functioning Dinosaur Zoo opened, but I'm not gonna say zoos are undeserving of failure - they're animal prisons and are weird and sad to begin with, so fuck 'em. But museums that banked on big dinosaur fossils as their key attraction? That's years of investment and careful archaeology work, all wasted.

After REAL LIVING DINOSAURS are around, who's gonna give a shit about going to a place to see some bones? No one, that's who. Museums probably got hit real hard in the world of Jurassic World, and all the astronaut ice cream sales in the world won't make up the money they lost.