Thinking about doing the deed unprotected? Remember, an itchy crotch isn't the only thing that could follow - the pitter-patter of tiny feet could too. These gifs might make you think twice about the whole thing.

1. Do you really want to be puked on just for having the audacity to want a kiss?

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2. You could get some in your mouth too!

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3. And do you really want to have to deal with this sort of sh*t every day?

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4. Whatever babies do, they will drool while doing it.



5. And there'll be snot. Lots and lots of snot.

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6. Babies have total disregard for men of the cloth.

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7. And they'll sh*t on your arm at the most inappropriate moment.

Baby poop



8. Do any other members of your family fall in dog sh*t? No. No they don't.

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