It's October 21, 2015, the day Mart McFly landed in 26 years ago in Back to the Future II. While we do have some of the cool stuff that the movie promised us, there's still plenty of technology that science has failed to deliver. 

1. 3D Hologram movie billboards

C'mon, you know you wish that there was a 3D billboard of the new Star Wars movie to jump right out at you. 

Source: totallyradical80s

2. Dog-walking drones

I suppose you could hook up a your dog to a quadcopter and parade it around the neighborhood, but that kind of defeats the purpose of spending time with your dog. 

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3. Self-drying jackets

Until they event jackets with blow dryers sewn into them, we're all stuck drying our jackets like 20th century jackasses. 

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4. Flying cars

Dammit, it's 2015 where are the flying cars?! Screw safety, we need flying cars!

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5. Retractable garden centers 

No robot gardens that descend from the ceiling to offer up fresh fruit? Ugh, what's the point of even living?! 

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