Getting tired of eating s'mores and cookies and cream pastries for breakfast? (Trick question because, OF COURSE NOT.) Well, I have some good news because Pop Tarts' flavor scientists have created some insane new flavors that are ready to give your taste buds and orgasm and will begin rolling out in December of this year

Introducing your new bad decision breakfast options: 

new pop tarts

If eating a pastry filled with artificially flavored chocolate, bacon, and watermelon goo doesn't sound enticing enough, Kellogg's is taking up a notch with two limited time flavors: Pink Lemonade and something called Spring Frosted Strawberry. 

new pop tarts flavors

new pop tarts flavors

Impressive, Kellogg's, I look forward to buying these and then eating them while drunk and regretting the decision the next morning. Now, if you want to truly blow our minds, how about inventing a Pop Tart that taste like a Pillsbury Toaster Strudel. 


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