Halloween is almost upon us. The spookiest time of year brings out some of the most terrifying ghouls and monsters. Of course, that includes vampires, but not all of them should have you quivering in a UV-lit room, in a bath of holy water, covered in garlic and holding a crucifix. Here's the unterrifying proof...

1. He's the worst there is at what he does...

Fat Vampire Wolverine

Via: Comics Matter


2. Sparkly Ed isn't frightening at the best of times, so this guy certainly isn't...

Edward Cullen

Via: AnnaValerious


3. I've literally never seen anybody looking more cheerful...

Cheerful Vampire

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4. I don't care if you're a child. You must try harder. No candy for you.

Child Vampire Teeth

Via: B-MovieStar


5. She's an adult. She should know better. She HAS TO know better!

Purple Vampire Teeth

Via: sage_forever


6. And what the F**K is this?!?!

3D Vampire Costume

Via: hole_rocks89


7. The "Tampire". Scared? No. Grossed the f**k out? Hell yes.


Via: Chubzz__


8. Oh dear.

Gay Vampire

Via: Murder Burger


9. Friendly vampire is friendly.

Friendly Nosferatu

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