1 Excitement

After four long years, the day has finally arrived! You have survived this epic journey with only a few thousand dollars in medical bills and a hundred thousand in student loans. Well-done, friend! 

2 Anxiety

 Did you really complete all of your credits, though? Weren't you supposed to take another semester of Spanish? Did that Quidditch class really count as 'World Cultures?' Will your future employer wonder why you have so many "withdrawn" credits for those classes you dropped halfway through the semester because you knew you wouldn't pass... 

3 Procrastination

Well, registration is still open tomorrow, so why not hit up the bars, have a little house party, maybe wash, clean, and iron every piece of clothing you own then color coordinate and alphabetize your closet and dresser. Those things should probably happen before you register, right? And you should probably capture and train a wild mustang before registering, too. Just....because.

4 Denial

HOW CAN IT BE GRADUATION ALREADY!?!?!? Where did the years go? You think back on those browned out weekends, the naps you took during lecture classes, the pajama pants you regularly wore in public because you're in college and this is the best time of your life. Surely it can't be over. It just can't! Just yesterday you were moving into your freshman dorm, wearing a t-shirt that subtly hinted at how cool you were in High School. And now....now you're moving out of your Senior apartment. What? WHAT? 


5 Fetal Position

 The tears won't stop, they just keep coming! You are curled up under a desk in the library, listening to Vitamin C's "As We Go On" over and over again, looking at old photos on Facebook from when Facebook was actually cool. Remember your first frat party? The first time you discovered making every period size 13 font to make that paper's minimum page requirement? When you snapchatted your walk of shame after hooking up with a TA? Oh, sweet college, why must this love affair come to an end???? 


6 Victory Lap

You've decided to add a second major, or a third, maybe. The credit requirements for this will last AT LEAST an extra year, if not more. The stigma of fifth-year senior seems so trivial compared to the tragedy of registering for graduation...but oh shit, won't you have to register for graduation NEXT year?????