6 Youll hide your personal stash, feel bad, unhide it, and itll get plundered


You laid out $35 for some Maker's Mark, and it's YOUR party, so there's no shame in hiding it in a kitchen cabinet and keeping it to yourself, right??


Ahh, nahh, now you feel bad. The whole spirit of partying is to SPREAD the merriment! Unhide that shit! Ask anyone if they want som-- oop, it's gone. It's way gone. Even the bottle itself is gone somehow. Well... dang. Serves you right for being briefly nice.

6 Youll hide your personal stash, feel bad, unhide it, and itll get plundered


Who are you people, and how long have you been smoking pot in here and doing handstands on our apartment's septic tank? How did you even get into this room?? Only the landlord has a key to down here. Also you discovered a crawlspace and some 48-year-old friend of yours is doing whippets in it? Who are all of you??



Who turned on the TV and flipped it to Wrath of the Titans on TNT?


two people will make out and youll feel like a matchmaker


Awww, to think! Your awesome party and the wonderful atmosphere you cultivated has led these two star-crossed lovers to drunkenly smash their faces together in front of everyone while in line for the bathroom. You're LITERALLY Hitch from the Will Smith movie Hitch. You'll probably be the best man at their impending wedding that they're about to drunkenly take a $40 Uber to.


10 Youll end the night by drinking the most random thing left then blacking out


"Whattts sis... Marzipan Schnapps? Iss siz anygood? FUCK IT SCHNAPPS SHOTSS FOR ALL!!! SHNAPPTS? SHOTPS? YYAYHHH!!!"


[CUT TO: Waking up at 12:50 with your shoes still on and another pair of shoes on over them somehow]