Rejection blows. Working up the nerve to flirt with and ask out the object of your affection blows. Having the whole ordeal documented on Snapchat that ends with unsuccessfully landing a date -- that MAJORLY blows. 

This poor math teacher who we only know as "Mr. T" probably spent days rehearsing his opening line of "Hey, you teach here often?" only to be met with cold rejection from "Miss Never Gonna Be Mrs. T." What makes the whole thing somehow worse is that the ordeal was documented by a 16-year old student on Snapchat. Harsh. 

Okay let's get into it, here we go. 

You got this, Mr. T!

Uh oh... out comes the ol' "my boyfriend" line. 


Oof, that was quick and the pain in Mr. T's face...

Cooold bloooded. 

Lotta other teachers out there, Mr. T. Remember that. 

Stay strong, Mr. T and don't forget there's always Tinder.