At this point in our lives, we'd all rather have our house burn to a crisp than tell anyone we genuinely left the stove on. Forgetting to turn off the stove isn't even a matter of safety anymore. We all do it without even thinking because the social implications are much more disastrous than returning home only to find fireman in front of your building.


2 Visit your grandma at the hospital

Sorry grandma, no visits for you today. No one wanted to be the person caught actually saying these super obvious excuse words. You're going to have to spend another night watching "Bones" alone with the sounds of your room-mate's coughing blocking the tv. Maybe if you were at a mental hospital it would sounds less like an excuse, but for now we just can't risk it.


3 Get up early

Ever wondered why your co-worker is falling asleep at their desk? Why the student next to you is lounging on three chairs fully passed out? Well, it's because no one can actually tell someone they have to get up early, even if they really do. It sounds so made up. "Oh, you have to get up early, I see. Well fuck you then, why did you even come"?


4 Be lost

Oh, you're lost? That's believable. with a million navigation apps and satellites that can find you anywhere you go, if you actually get lost you should keep it to yourself and come up with a made up, more believable excuse for being late. If you happened to get lost, your best chance to have people believe you is to get murdered by a psychotic serial killer in the woods. That way it would at least be on the news.


5 Get sick

No one believes you're sick. Be honest, does your genuine cough sound any different from your fake one when you're trying to snag a sick day? Not only will you be miserable, in pain and puking your guts out - no one is going to believe this is actually happening to you when you tell them. Not even your pale Instagram photos with the hashtag #SucksToBeSick will sell it. Sick make up is so easy to pull off, there are thousands of Youtube tutorials for it. And don't even THINK about getting a simple headache!


6 Go to Jury Duty

What if you actually enjoy jury duty? sitting in a court room, listening to insane murder stories, pretending you're in a David E. Kelley drama? Well, it's not going to be fun when all your friends and family think you're just blowing them off. Who can't find a way to avoid jury duty these days? This even has built-in restrictions because you're not allowed to discuss the case, making it the perfect excuse. So if you actually do have to go to jury duty, you can bet everyone is going to assume you're on a beach somewhere, laughing at them while drinking mojitos.


7 Lose your uncle

Oh, your uncle died? yeah, right. Unless I see a corpse, I'm not buying it, buddy.