1 When you cant tell if someone has a boyfriend or a strict dad

The next time you miss having somebody there to whisper sweet nothings to you, just remember that there's also nobody there to give you a twenty minute lecture on why you always need to empty the dishwasher, the confusion it causes when nobody knows if dishes are dirty or clean and how doing chores build character.


2 When someone has to ask permission rather than forgiveness

Sometimes you can feel sad knowing that nobody's chosen to be with you, but just know you can make your own choices and never have to check in with someone on those choices. That purse is yours to purchase without a mini-meeting regarding the efficiency of budgetary expenditures in the current fiscal quarter.


3 When youre reminded how terrible children can be

 Whenever your friends post pictures of their new baby and an emotionally fulfilling family life, take a visit to Frozen Yogurtville right when school is letting out. Being subjected to a six-year-old's temper tantrum is a very unique form of domestic terrorism.


4 When a lovers tiff involves death threats

It can be easy to get down about feeling disgustingly single, but there's nothing like passing by a couple screaming "I hope you fucking die tonight" at each other in public to reinforce that you've made the right lifestyle choice.


5 When you realize you can do whatever or whoever you want

Feeling down that everyone else at the bar has coupled up? That means it's possible to let that impossibly hot guy sit in the empty bar stool next to you! This moment is yours.


6 When youre able to claim your territory

Normally sleeping alone can be, for lack of a better word, lonely. But on the rare occasion you do have company, and that company is becoming unwelcome by taking too much of your space, you're more than welcome to pull a Donald Trump and secure your borders.