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The young guy sitting down was struggling with his tie. The woman in the red coat noticed, and asked 'Do you know how to tie it properly?' The young guy said 'No ma'am.' She taps her husband and says 'Come to this side [her right side; he was standing on her left side] and teach this young man how to tie his tie." The older gentleman moved without hesitation [almost a reflex response] and gave him a step-by-step tutorial; then - afterward - the elder gentleman watched the young gentleman repeat the steps and show him that he had it.

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The little girl down the street leaves these out for people.

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The guy in question here - receiving a signed guitar from Metallica's own James Hetfield - is of the band Acrassicauda, a heavy metal group from Iraq who were granted asylum in the United States in 2009. Regarding the moment above...

On the band's second day in the United States, they were able to watch Metallica at the Prudential Center in Newark. Each band member met the group backstage and James Hetfield, Metallica's lead singer, presented the band members with one of his guitars, a black ESP, after signing it Welcome to America.

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Btw Ms. Lim is a friend of mine, and she's a little publicity-shy (she posted it on private FB). I asked for her permission to share it because I felt people ought to see the amazing work she's doing. Blanked out the student's name just to be safe because the Internet can be a bit of a crazy place.