The ugly sweater Christmas card is played out. It's been done a million times and if you really want to make a memorable holiday card then you had better come up with something original, twisted, and over-the-top. Josh Brassow is THAT guy. 

Josh is a student at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan and wanted a way to prank his large family for the holidays (he's one of seven kids). The solution: make his family think he has another family.

Josh took to a few online message boards and put up an ad offering a hefty payday of $20 to pose as members of his bizarro family. 


Being that the internet is a wonderful place full of weirdos who need a little cash, it didn't take long for Josh to find his new misfit family members. In fact, Josh was able to find people who wanted to do it for free, simply because they liked the prank so much. 

Josh with his "new" family: Patty "Bone-Crusher", Blade and Thor.


Josh said that he ordered around 100 cards and that his mother just "rolled her eyes and started to laugh." Let this be a lesson for future holiday card pranksters: go big with your Christmas card jackassery or go home.