You'll know the Jeoffrey as soon as he walks in. He'll be cloaked in an air that says "I am the king and nothing you are going to do will satisfy me." You and your co-workers will compete for the host's attention trying to say "Don't put that table in my section!" as subtly as possible. Dismayed when the Jeoffrey Baratheon ends up in yours, you'll hurry to the table as fast as you can and find them already upset. They won't like the food, the table, the restaurants music, or you. Even if everything goes well for this table, they will still find a reason to verbally take your head off with complaints.



No, there technically isn't anything wrong with it. It's actually kind of nice to see a table that is close and comfortable enough to pray in public. But the Melisandre will inevitably make a few people uncomfortable as she has the members of her party join hands and leads them in prayer out loud. When serving the Melisandre, it's best to appear to be in as much of a hurry as possible because, if given the opportunity, this patron will probably ask you how your relationship with the Lord and Savior of Light is. She might also leave a card or something in with the bill encouraging you to join visit her place of worship.



The Ned Stark is a perfect gentlemen. He will be polite and thank you for everything you bring to the table and will not raise hell for anything that may go wrong during the transaction. While he may seem like the perfect table to serve, when it comes to tipping the Ned Stark is honor-bound to the old ways. He will tip you yes, but it will be what he believes to be fair and just and the amount will inevitably fall short of the industry standard. There's no malice or spite in his short-changed tip, he just lives by a higher set of moral standards.



The Tyrion Lannister the reason you havent quit this job:

It's a table like the Tyrion Lannister that makes the life of a server worth it. This table will always be in the mood to have a good time and order several rounds of drinks which you will happily bring. If you profess an interest in drinking to the Tyrion Lannister, he will most likely encourage you to steal a beer from the bar and chug it in the walk-in freezer. He will appreciate your service and your company and leave you a very large tip. An encounter with a Tyrion Lannister table is enough to make any day on the job a good day, no matter what else happens during your shift.



This guy used to come in for power lunches with his boss and was definitely the yes man for the group. But something must have happened at his job because now he comes in alone to drink and say "Fuck the CEO" to anyone who will listen. The Sandor Clegane won't like you either and will be very bitter about any attempt at conversation on your end. You'll end up feeling bad for him because in addition to quitting his job, it seems like he has some family issues too.



This table will catch you completely by surprise. The Olenna Tyrell may come in on a Sunday afternoon with a group of other older women in tow. You'll expect the meal to be a pleasant affair of tea and lemon cakes, but when you arrive at the table to take the drink orders the Olenna Tyrell will order a round of martini's for the whole table. Although she may seem sweet, elderly, and gentle the Olenna Tyrell knows exactly what she wants and will have a good time getting it.



You don't really know what sort of table the Daenerys Targaryen is. She's a big name and everyone you work with seems to get really excited when she calls to make a reservation, but she keeps cancelling. On the phone she seems very sincere about coming to the restaurant, apparently her family used to eat there all the time and she really wants to make it back sometime. However, things keep coming up and she seems to always eat at that place on the other side of town.