While we've already recounted the 25 greatest Simpsons couch gags of all-time, we forgot to mention that this show will literally NEVER END - and great new couch gags are going to be coming out at least a few times per year.

And that's the case with the newest one - a retro 80s-style Miami Vice-inspired sequence by animator Steve Cutts that stars Homer as a badass, gun-toting, six pack-having cop, who's partnered up with his equally-badass couch, as they clean up the streets of Miami-esque Springfield from a crimelord played by none other than Ned Flanders.


And while it's nicely-designed and animated, there are few things creepier than the Simpsons characters being drawn in ways meant to look like actual humans...





Can you imagine if they took this design any further? They'll be horrible freaks with pink skin, no overbites, and five fingers on each hand!