Li Shang: ILL MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU Mulan: yo dude we have rockets and they got arrows n shit Mulan: why the hell should we waste weeks in physical training when we can blow them up Mulan: all we need to train in is how to aim a rocket lol Mulan: :rocket: :fireworks: :horse: :skull: Li Shang: THATS ACTUALLY A PRETTY GOOD POINT Mulan: :eggplant: this is me btw


Anna Elsa: Do you want to build a snowman timestamp is 10 Years Ago Elsa: No same timestamp Anna: Do you want to build a snowman hours ago Elsa: Jesus Christ, Anna Its been 10 fucking years Elsa: NO I DO NOT WANT TO BUILD A GODDAMN SNOWMAN Elsa: YOUVE BEEN SINGING THAT FUCKING SONG LITERALLY NONSTOP FOR THE PAST DECADE Elsa: YOUVE LITERALLY GROWN FROM A CHILD TO AN ADULT, ENTIRELY OVER THE COURSE OF SINGING A SINGLE SONG Elsa: HOW HAVE YOU NOT TAKEN THE HINT YET Anna: My throat is so dry


Mufasa Simba: shitty jpegd inspirational meme pic that reads Everything the light touches is our kingdom Simba: got it, everythings our kingdom cept the butthole Mufasa: Mufasa: what Simba: where the sun dont shine Mufasa: jesus Mufasa: really hope Im not alive to see you take over


King Triton: posts a pic of Dick Towery Atlantica, caption just my home or we no big deal lol Ariel: uh dad quick q about the architecture here in atlantica King Triton: YOU MEAN THE DICK TOWERS Ariel: you knew about it King Triton: DUH YOU THINK IT WAS A COINCIDENCE THEY ALL LOOKED LIKE VEINY BALONEY PONIES Ariel: well WHY the hell did you design our city like a bunch of dicks King Triton: LOWER HALF OF ME IS A FISH YOU EVER SEEN A FISHS DICK King Triton: IM COMPENSATING FOR SOMETHING FIGURE IT OUT, FREUD