Being part of a militia that's decided to set up camp on federal land isn't all cable news glamour. There's a lack of tasty snacks, you're unable to binge watch Netflix from the comfort of your couch, and when people do send you snacks it's in dick-form. 

Take for example Oregon militia leader Jon Ritzheimer who made a video detailing all the haterade his opposers have been drinking. Instead of "doing good in the world" and fighting against the U.S. government they've been mailing him giant dildos and bags of gummy dicks -- which are quite delicious btw. 

Just what does he plan on doing with all that dick mail, you ask...

Source: gawker

Damn, you'd think that the guy would show a little apreciation for those dildos. There are militia leaders all over the world that aren't fortunate enough to be dining on gummy dicks.