Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn't want to hear your bullshit theories about lightsabers, or the moon landing, or especially the Earth being flat. Wait a second; there are people who still think that we live on a giant pancake planet? 

Rapper B.o.B. isn't buying that garbage about Christopher Columbus disproving this whole flat earth thing over 500 years ago. (Not to mention pretty much ANY space episode of NOVA.) B.o.B. spouted off a string of tweets yesterday with photos telling all the sheeple to wake up -- we live on a flat planet. 

Ooo, fascinating! Please, tell us more professor B.o.B.

After a couple of tweets started to go viral and NDT's nerd sonar picked up bogus science facts being circulated around the web he swooped in to give B.o.B. a little schoolin'. 

And once again all is right in the cosmos of the Twitisphere with NDT shutting down round Earth denier B.o.B. Let this be a lesson for other peddlers of false science. You can tweet, you can vlog, you can make a million dollar-grossing movie (looking at you Christopher Nolan) but Neil deGrasse Tyson WILL find you and he WILL shut you down. 

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So, B.o.B. saw the error of his ways and decided that the director of the Hayden Planitarium probably knew more about the subject than him, right? Not hardly, B.o.B. wrote a diss track about the Earth being flat. 

Not about to be dissed and have his facts questioned, NDT released his own diss track. It's on, ya'll!