There are an endless number of ways to quit a crappy job, but to really leave your mark you've got to hit'em where it hurts. Twitter user and former employee of Burger King, Zealot, knew just how to make his exit from the fast food business -- by saying "I quit" and then stealing all of their chicken nuggets. 


All hail, Zealot, hero to oppressed fast food employees everywhere and likely occupant of the #1 spot on Burger King's public enemy list. Granted, the value of those stolen nuggets probably comes to a value of 10 bucks (BK currently has a 10 nuggets for $1.50 deal, seriously, how???) but the message comes across loud and clear -- screw your nuggets, BK.

It didn't take long for Zealot's actions to garner praise with people hailing him as a Robin Hood character of fast food and dub him an "American Hero."

Naturally, people want some of his stolen nugget booty. 


Now that he's unemployed, what is Zealot going to do for work? McDonalds? Wendy's? KFC?