Be warned, what you are about to read might just be the most disgusting documented evidence of roommate behavior the internet has ever known. 

Indonesian Redditor TemiTemoy shared his tale of woe and what he found in his roommates room and well, there's no delicate what to put it... he found his stash of jerk-off tissues. 

But it gets worse; they sprouted life in the form of penis-shaped mushrooms. Yes, mushrooms growing in a bed of the used tissues of lonely nights past. 

"Tonight I discovered these penis-shaped mushrooms that grew on my roommate's jerk off tissues."


An upclose look of one of the jerk-shrooms that has reared its ugly head. 


First off, my heart goes out to you, Temi. No human should have to stumble in on such nightmarish horror. I think it might be less traumatizing finding out my roomie was a serial killer than uncovering his garden of spunk shrooms. 

Here's Temi's horrifying tale of how he made the unfortunate discovery. 


The bar of "disgusting roommate" has been forever raised, so cut your gross roomie some slack, because you could be living with Temi's monster of a roommate.

Now, to help you hopefully wash those visuals out of your head here's a cute puppy. 

Source: bunnyfood


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