For millennia mankind has been throwing snowballs with its hands and quite frankly, this method sucks wampa balls. Luckily we now have a hero in the form of Mark Rober who's dedicated his life -- or at least a weekend -- to developing a better way to have snowball fights -- the snowball machine gun.

You see Mark is an uncle which means that every winter he gets his ass handed to him by his nieces and nephews. Mark also is a NASA engineer, so he's like, really smart and stuff. Combining the frustration of being ganged up on with engineering know-how led mark to develop a weapon sure to send every kid in the neighborhood home crying to their mama for hot cocoa. 

Now let's see this puppy in ass-kicking action!

Get one of these and you'll soon be more feared than nipple frostbite. (And yes, Mark has included instructions on how to build one.)

R.I.P. kids.  


There's too many Mikes!