You know those terrifying face swaps you always see on the internet? Well, now there's a tool for you to make your own - an iOS app called Face Swap Live. But, since it costs 99 cents and I will be DAMNED if I pay for any app on my phone, we've collected some of the most WTF results so you can enjoy the fruits of the app for free.

1. We can finally do Face/Off in real life!

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2. What's the creepiest thing about this one, besides "literally every part of it"?

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3. They're really upset because THEY CAN SEE THESE GIFS.

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4. Race relations in America, solved at last.

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5. Couples of the world, please don't faceswap.

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6. Giant baby eyes are the most horrifying thing imaginable.

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7. Well, at least we all have a new nightmare to replace "showing up to a final you forgot to study for"

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Maybe someday, someone will be able to create a more terrifying faceswap than this...

Sorry for the nightmares!