Why did you click on this? I'm not judging. I mean, I made it. I just...I guess I was hoping that not everyone had their souls sucked out by the internet like I have. Oh well...This is just the world we live in I suppose.

Let's get this over with...

1. Snow White


Look. She's pissing! Is that what you were hoping for when you clicked on this? I hope so, because there are 5 more of these.

2. Mulan


Why is this appealing to anyone? I mean, yeah it's a Disney characters, but at the end of the day you're still just looking people on the toilet.

3. Ariel


And what does it say about me that I made it? Am I just dead inside?

4. Sleeping Beauty


I guess I could have tried to justify it by putting some sort of positive spin on it. I could have called it This Artist Used Disney Princesses to Shatter the Myth that Girls Don't Poop or something dumb like that, but what would be the point? The only reason anyone reads one of these things is to see some soulless, bastardized version of something we loved as kids. We're all just trying to relive some great feeling that we'll never recapture because none of us really feel anything anymore.

5. Belle


I mean, remember Belle? Remember how cool she was? Remember how she stood up to Beast and made reading seem awesome? Well here she is shitting in a magic toilet's mouth. We should all be ashamed of ourselves.

6. Pocahontas 

I didn't even try to make a joke in that last picture, but it doesn't matter. We all got what we wanted here.

There is no line anymore. There is no God. There is only content.

Illustrated by Paul Westover