In the middle of SNL's Carson/Trump cold open, featuring an unsettlingly spot-on Carson impression from Jay Pharoah and Darrell Hammond's classic Donald J. Trump, SNL cut to re-introduce their leading source of applause breaks in the presidential primary season: Larry David, as Bernie Sanders.

If the current pattern is any indication, SNL will invite back Larry David to play Bernie Sanders again and again as long as he continues to be a major figure in American politics. So if Sanders wins the presidency, it means we can logically expect up to eight more years of Larry David on SNL. And if Sanders continues to stay relevant after that, like the Bushes or Bill Clinton have, we can then expect to see these Larry David on the NBC Stage well into the 2040s. While that's not the most solid reason to cast a vote for Sanders, or any presidential candidate for that matter, we can all agree that'd be pretty, pretty interesting. Why not make it happen, America?


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